Sunday, January 29, 2012

So frustrating!

OK, I have been reading. Really! I've read 10 books already - well on my way to 100 for 2012. So why haven't you seen more posts from me?

In a nutshell, my wrist.

Yep, I finally did something to hurt myself at work. The "what" is still a bit of a mystery, although I have my suspicions, most of them surrounding a marathon session of moving/shelving books about 2 weeks ago. I also might have rolled over on it while sleeping and strained something that way, or maybe it just aggrevated the existing injury. And since I can't be sure I did it at work, there's no sense in looking at any sort of time off for it, either. Sigh.

Best guess is that I have tendonitis in my wrist. Feels like I pulled a muscle, but according to the medical reading I've been doing, you don't have any muscles in your wrist - just tendons. And when one of those tendons is inflamed or stressed or whatever... well, it just sucks. There's really no much you can do for it unless you actually rip the darn thing in half. Basically, NSAIDs and a wrist brace - and patience - are your best bets.

So I'm trying to type this with the brace on, since using the computer, mostly the mouse, really hurts. But trying to type with this thing on is almost impossible, since I have to hold my arm at a weird angle. Plus it's making me use muscles in my upper arm that I haven't used in forever! Thus, posts from me are going to be sparse for a while. Bear with me, and just keep your fingers crossed that it won't take long for my wrist to heal!

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