Monday, January 2, 2012

Last day of vacation

It's Monday, January 2nd, and my last day of vacation. Having ten days off has been amazing - so relaxing! But it's quickly drawing to a close, which makes me sad. So yes, my goal of more vacation should be easy to accomplish as I'm very motivated at this moment to not go to work. lol!

Our weather here has taken a nose-dive into the freezer. Brrr! Today will be a good day to stay in and attempt to get a few things done. I'm currently reading Simon Green's "For Heaven's Eyes Only", the latest installment in Green's Secret Histories series. It's just as fun as the rest, with Eddie Drood trying to fight the good fight, even when it includes his family. I realized reading the previous book that these sort of remind me of comic books without pictures: the action is over the top, the violence is over the top, the puns are over the top, etc. It's all so crazy that it probably would make a great graphic novel (I guess - I don't read them myself). Anyway, I'm hoping to make progress on said book today as I really do not want to go outside since it's c-o-l-d today, and only going to get colder over the next few days. Luckily, it's short-lived, with the weather dudes are saying back to "normal" temps by this weekend.

My other goal for today is some housecleaning. I really had every intention of doing a little at a time so that all of it was done before I headed back to work. But, yeah. That didn't happen. I have basically done nothing but veg out - not that that's a bad thing! So now it's time to get back into the right frame of mind of "getting things done", and hopefully that will help when I return to work tomorrow.

I must admit that I'm glad MLK is a holiday for the government offices, though; it helps me "ease" back into the whole going to work every day routine!


Wendy said...

If it makes you feel any better, it's been snowing here all day. Luckily it isn't accumulating but it's still annoying. I hate winter. Follow me to Phoenix?

Traci (aka the Bookbabe) said...

Phoenix??? Is there something you need to tell me????

Wendy said...

No, just my annual need to flee to warmer places. My Florida vacation in June can't come fast enough!!