Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Drought is Over!

I have managed to read a paltry two books so far this year. At this rate, my goal of reading 100 books this year was looking more like "Mission Impossible". I had made myself a promise to stick with one book at a time, hoping that in doing so, I would be able to finish a work faster and maybe still have a small glimmer of hope of reaching such a lofty goal.

Well, it's a holiday weekend for us at the library, and I was looking for something new to read. I opened the latest box from my "dealer" and pulled out three possibilities. I thought I would just read a little of each one to help me decide which one would be "the one" - and ended up reading quite a bit of all three. In fact, all three are really holding my interest, so I'm plowing right along with them.

Hallelujah! The reading drought is over!

I have to be honest: I was really starting to worry that I was losing my interest in the printed word (and I mean any printed word, be it actual print or e-book or whatever). I had found in the last month or so that I just wasn't reading all the much. I've been coming home from work and sitting in front of the boob tube, content to just veg out before tottering off to bed at my usual time of 9-ish or so. I was trying to read a bit before turning out the light to head off to dreamland, but was finding it increasingly difficult to make it through a single chapter. Very scary for a library lady, especially one who has a blog of book reviews and such! But it looks like things are getting back to normal, for which I am eternally grateful.

O Happy Day!

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