Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Titles hitting stores 9/15

Hmmm... There's a lot of new stuff this month, but it looks like next week is slim pickin's. Only a couple to tell you about. But 9/22? Get ready, readers, cause that looks like the date to hit the stores/libraries.

"The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. Can he do it again? Can he hit as big as he did with "The Da Vinci Code"? Yeah, probably, but that's just in sales. I have no idea if he can actually write another awesome book (and I say awesome based on the sales figures and the patrons' reviews when they brought it back - I have yet to read it). Expect a strong showing based on the hype, then the backlash if this thing blows.

"Ground Zero" by F. Paul Wilson. YES! Repairman Jack is back! I'm anxious to see where Wilson goes with this, as he's said that Jack won't be around much longer (as a series, I think). He/his publisher are also re-releasing some of the original Adversary Cycle in hardbacks, gearing up for the rewrite of "Nightworld". I can't wait to see how it turns out! But it's a sad thing, too, because as I said, it probably means the end of the Repairman Jack books. And I love Jack, have followed him from the start.

"True Compass: A Memoir" by Edward M. Kennedy. I think this would have done well regardless, but since Senator Kennedy just recently lost his battle with brain cancer? Consider it a smash. People will buy it to keep on their shelves, one of the last things he'll leave behind. I have no idea if they'll actually read it.

"End the Fed" by Ron Paul. Do you remember this guy? He was one of the presidential hopefuls that ran for the Republican party (if memory serves correctly). I read a little bit about him and his views, and I gotta tell ya - he comes off much more Libertarian then Republican. Then again, when was the last time a Libertarian did well? In any election? I might check this out myself.

OK, that's it for now. Stayed tuned, though, as I did a lot of reading over the weekend and plan to get my butt in gear and post some reviews. Gotta run!

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