Thursday, January 31, 2008

"The Contented Soul" by Lisa Graham McMinn

This was yet another Amazon recommendation, but I surely don't know why. I don't usually read inspirational self-help. But the review sounded like it might be promising; the author is also a sociologist. I figured why not.

Well, why not is that, again, I don't usually read this sort of material and for good reason. I'm just not the sort of person that can "let go and let God". And while some of the author's points are sound, too much of it sounds exactly like that bumper sticker, such as the chapter as "Seeing the Self as Soul." I did appreciate some of her sentiments, such as the chapter on "Sipping and Savoring" - I totally agree that we modern-day humans tend to rush, rush, rush and miss out on the little pleasures life has to offer.

The best chapter in the book was titled "Embracing Limits". There was one paragraph in particular that really resonated with me. "When we relinquish the need for control, we are not driven to adopt the latest product or technology that promises to give us more enery, more productive time or a more perfect life. In this acceptance we are liberated from the pressure to earn more, produce more, do more, orchestrate perfection. We become free to live more gentle lives." Hallelujah! I am one of the troglodites that refuses to own a home computer or cell phone for these very reasons. To the people that complain about my lack of cell phone, I inform them that I can be reached at home or at work. If they can't connect with me at either location, I'm doing something for myself and would prefer not to talk to them anyway. It's a difficult concept for most to grasp!

I suppose this is a decent book. I just didn't really get too much out of it.

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