Friday, January 4, 2008

"The Color of Magic" by Terry Pratchett

This is the novel that begins the famous (or perhaps infamous) Discworld series by Pratchett. Since I spent most of last year plodding through paranormal romances (some really horrid ones, at that), I thought I'd try a little something different over my holiday break. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of science fiction unless it falls into the paranormal realm, what I believe they have dubbed dark fantasy (where do they come up with these categories?!) Being somewhat familiar with Pratchett, I thought I'd give the Discworld series a go.

The story basically revolves around a somewhat inept wizard named Rincewind and his new found friend, the tourist Twoflower. Also, there's the matter of Twoflower's luggage, a rather innocuous looking box that happens to be made of sapient pearwood, a very special material; the luggage comes complete with lots of tiny legs and a rather nasty habit of eating anyone it considers a threat to its owner (in this case, the aforementioned Twoflower).

The two travelers have several adventures, including but not limited to a pub brawl and ending up at the edge of the world (the Discworld, that is). Death makes an appearance (several, actually) and the Luggage eats a lot of people. There's magic and mayhem, basically. It's a very strange story without a true ending. No, really! I'm still not entirely sure I know what happened to all the characters after closing the book!

Did I like it? Um, I suppose. Would I recommend it? Uh, yeah. Will I read another one of the series? Yes, just to see if this one is the weakest of the lot. Stay tuned for another visit to Discworld in the near future.

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