Monday, March 12, 2007

"Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants" by Louise Rennison

This is the 4th book of the journals of Georgia Nicolson, and they're still hilarious. I skipped reviewing books 2 and 3, but thought I'd remind ya'll of Gee and her wild mates. I've been using these as a sort of literary palette cleanser - need something light and funny between all the heavy paranormal stuff!

Georgia is still with the Sex God (aka Robbie) but all is not well. In fact, she may be - gasp - growing up! She finds herself wishing she could talk to him more. Not that snogging isn't wonderful, but they don't really seem to have all that much in common. Worse, there's a chance that he'll be off to Hamburger-a-go-go Land (aka The States) with his band for a tour, and you know there's no way her parents will let her go, too.

Gee and her mates are still in Stalag 14 (school) and still trying to defy authority with their wacky ways to wear the required berets, doing things like "crazy dancing" in the hallways, etc. Her parents still don't understand her, her sister Libby is still silly, and her cat Angus has gotten the neighbors' pedigreed feline preggers. It's all fabbity fab fab fun in Gee's world!

If you haven't checked out these Young Adult titles, you might want to. Short, easy reads, very funny, and very nostalgic for those of us who saw our teen years long, long ago! What will happen to Gee and the Sex God? Will she ever stop "accidently" snogging Dave the Laugh? What kind of a father will Angus make (are the kittens even his?!) Stay tuned for more British adventures!

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