Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Aim of the Bookbabe

Hello readers! I've had a couple of comments about the blog, ones that were made privately, about how I seem to be down on a couple of authors, or possibly not supportive of others. I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell everyone again what my aim is here with Novel News.

As an avid reader, I like sharing my feelings about the books I read. And that's exactly what the reviews posted here are - my feelings. They are in no way meant to reflect badly on any author or work written about. Let's face it, literature is subjective material, meaning that no one is going to be happy with everything that's out there. Two people can (and often do) read the same work and have polar opinions about it. One will love it, the other will hate it, etc.

The Bookbabe wanted to put her opinions out here in cyberland in the hopes of guiding her fellow readers to some good reads. But again, they are reads that I consider to be good, and that's just my opinion. Please don't hesitate to pick up a work that sounds good to you, even if I didn't enjoy it. Again, not everything appeals to everyone! Also keep in mind that I'm reviewing books that I like and want to read; there will most likely never be a review of a "popular" mainstream author. No Grisham, no Steel, no Patterson and the like. I don't read those books. That doesn't mean they're not good books - I just don't care for them. They have to be fairly decent to someone for those authors to be the best-sellers that they are!

Also, don't limit yourself to the works reviewed here. I'm not out to be like Oprah - this is not a book club and should not be treated as such. I want you to read anything and everything that appeals to you! Reading should be fun and you should pick out what appeals to you. If that happens to be something I've reviewed, great. If not, that's great too! I think it's best when readers can be well-rounded and have interests in several different areas. It's not a bad thing to read only one genre, but I think it's better to try a little of everything. You never know what you might be missing otherwise.

In closing, again, please keep in mind that these reviews are meant to guide you, the readers, through the millions of books out there. BUT THESE ARE JUST MY OPINIONS. Read, read, read!

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