Monday, March 19, 2007

"Beneath a Rising Moon" by Keri Arthur

Hm. This is going to be one of those "I don't really recommend this book" sort of reviews, and there's a very specific reason why, so it's going to be short.

In a nutshell, there's just too much sex in this book.

I know, I know - what's wrong with sex? Well, nothing - unless it takes up a good third of a relatively short book (about 245 pgs). The basic plot is that Neva Grant is trying to find out who attacked her twin, Savannah, almost leaving her for dead. The main suspect is one of the Sinclair family, a werewolf pack that throws "dances" every month during the week of the full moon. In Arthur's mythos, the full moon heats the blood of the werewolves to a sexual frenzy and they must "dance" with partners (sometimes several) so as to relieve their frustration. Neva believes that Duncan Sinclair might be the key to finding her sister's attacker and sets out to seduce him at the dance. Needless to say, she's successful to a degree, thus the numerous sex scenes. It turns out that Duncan and Neva are actually after the same thing; the attacker has killed several female partners and is bringing much unwanted attention to the Sinclair dances.

The plot was okay, not horrible. The mystery of whodunit wasn't too badly written, although Bookbabe figured it out fairly early on. The characters themselves were okay - nothing great but nothing awful, either. Again, it was basically the amount of sex in the book that I found to be a turnoff (no pun intended!) I'll give Ms. Arthur her props for making it part of the story from the get-go; nothing worse than having a character who suddenly is having sex with anything that moves (yes, that is directed at LKH - I'm still bitterly disappointed over the whole Anita Blake train-wreck). But even when it's part of the character make-up, it still feels like way too much here. Neva and Duncan are constantly ripping off clothes and going at it like bunnies, often at times that just make no sense at all. I get the whole "moon-fever" thing, but really - most books have weres behaving themselves and not running amok like wild animals, whereas this one would have us think that they cannot control their lust during the full moon. Nowhere does it say much about actually hunting, as I would expect from werewolves, unless you count the hunt for a willing partner. And the way these partners "dance" with several partners each night, it would seem that no one is playing very hard to get.

If you like sex and lots of it, this might be the book for you. The Bookbabe is going to steer clear of Ms. Arthur in the future, at least, while I'm happily married, that is!

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