Monday, March 12, 2007

"Blood Bound" by Patricia Briggs

Hey bibliophiles! The Bookbabe had a very busy weekend - weather was gorgeous, so I plopped my butt in the patio chair and read, read, read! Sooooooooooo relaxing, and so very much what I love to do with a day off!

If you haven't checked out the Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson series by Briggs, now's your chance to start. Well, start with the first book, "Moon Called" - it gives you most of the necessary background on Mercy. You could read this one without the first one, but in a series, always best to start at the beginning!

Mercy is our beloved "walker", a person who can shape-shift at will, unlike the werewolves in her life, who are moon-called (thus the title of the first book). She's also a kick-ass mechanic, having bought her shop from the Zee, the former owner. Zee still assists when needed, and helps Mercy with other "jobs" - those involving knowledge of things other than humans. Zee happens to be Fae, unusual for a mechanic in that most of them cannot touch iron. Regular cast characters Adam and Samuel, the two were-wolves in her life, are also back.

Stefan the vampire is also back in this installment, and his need for a return favor is what gets the ball rolling. Owing him for a favor done in the first book, Mercy agrees to accompany him, in coyote form, to a meeting at a hotel with a vampire who may not be what he seems. This newbie, Littleton, has caused some trouble and Stefan has his suspicions that he is not just vampire - he is also a sorcerer, which means he's got a demon inside him (I know, it's hard to keep up with the different mythos that all these books employ - but in this one, there's a definite price for sorcery). Stefan's concern is well-founded, as Littleton kills the few people at the hotel, including a maid who is drained right in front of Mercy. Not only does he kill for pleasure, he's able to plant memories of said killings in other's heads, making them believe that they did the deed. Stefan believes he killed the maid and only Mercy's immunity to magic makes him realize otherwise.

Needless to say, the vampire community is not happy with the mess. Marsilia, the seethe leader, needs Littleton stopped and now. Mercy, Stefan, Adam, and Samuel all ride to the rescue, but in the end, it is the little coyote that will be the only one able to stop him. Seems demons have a very negative effect on werewolves, so they turn out to be of little help, and we know that Littleton can affect a vamp's mind. But can a small coyote really destroy a being this powerful? Will her friends come out of this alive?

Guess you'll have to read the book!

Sorry, I hate when someone gives away the ending, or worse yet, the entire plot! This is an excellent 2nd outing in the Mercy books, and again, we have a good involved plot here. I cannot say it often enough, people, character development is so important in a book! And again, this is not classified as paranormal romance but as fantasy, something I've now seen twice. Maybe it's time to switch over? Or at least stay away from the pr books? Anyway, we find out more about Mercy, which is to be expected. Even better, we find out more about the men in life - Adam, Samuel, and Stefan. Most surprising are the revelations about Stefan, which I won't go into here, other than to say that Mercy has always thought that vamps cannot be kind or care about anyone. That should give you a hint! Since this is very much a plot-driven book, there is romantic tension but no sex. Again, I'm fine with that - it would have felt far too out of place, considering the amount of action occurring on the page. Would have felt thrown in for the sake of having a sex scene, which is just not a good thing!

Big thumbs up for "Blood Bound". Check it and "Moon Called" out ASAP!

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