Monday, April 28, 2008

"Emily the Strange" by Cosmic Debris

I really, really wanted to read this book after seeing reviews of it on Amazon. Emily was awesome! Emily wasn't going to be your typical teen heroine! Emily was going to be all moody and almost Goth! I put the book on my Wishlist, then waited and waited and waited for my friend to find it at the book store. Imagine my shock when I saw that the library had ordered it. YES! So I placed a reserve and waited and waited and waited for it to be processed. Unfortunately, someone else had beaten me to it, so I had to wait for them to finish it, and they were late turning it in. So I waited some more.

Until - FINALLY - it showed up! YEAH!

Imagine how I felt when it took me all of FIVE MINUTES to read the entire freakin' book. Yep, you read that right - 5 minutes. The book is pitifully short, and very, very disappointing. Emily is not strange, more like anti-social. Disturbingly so in some cases; witness her shooting a boy in the family jewels with her slingshot. Yeah, not exactly what I was expecting.

I really tried to find things to like about this book. I will say that the artwork is pretty cool, especially the little "hidden" things that seem to pop out when you hold the book at just the right angle. Still, that's not enough to recommend this to anyone. And much as I hate to sound like a prude, I would definitely keep young kids away from it - it's just a bit too adult for them.

Cosmic Debris has gone and turned Emily into a series of actual comic books. If I happen to get my hands on one of them, I might give her another try (hopefully, the comics would be longer and worth the time/effort to read). But this original Emily the Strange book isn't worth it, not in my humble opinion.

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