Monday, April 28, 2008

"The Adventures of Guy" by Norm Cowie

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, and that's true. However, Cowie goes one better and tells you on the back cover all the things this book is not - such as inspirational or a possible Oprah book. I like that about the author - he already recognizes that this is probably not going to make any one's "great literature" list.

Nothing says you can't have fun while reading!

Guy (no, really, that's his name - Guy) lives with his roomies Thurman and Knob. They are the world's worst housekeepers and evidently, on every telemarketers call-list. Thus, the phone at their place rings constantly - but no one ever answers it. Why bother? Thurman works for a pizzeria and brings home the pies, so there's no reason to call out for anything. And Guy's mom just sends his little brother Seth over with any messages. It's a pretty perfect system - until the day that Seth happens to pick up the phone. He becomes a walking zombie almost instantly because the telemarketers have stolen his brain!

Thus begins The Quest to find and retrieve Seth's brain. And while we already have a small gang of men/boys ready to do battle, everyone knows that on a Quest, you have to have a Warrior. So the guys (including Guy) go to the Warrior's house and invite her (you never do learn her "real" name). Seems she's a warrior because she's the mother of THREE sets of twins - double uteri and all that, which also means she gets double PMS. Thus, the Warrior.
There are all sorts of sarcastic comments about the afore-mentioned telemarketers, as well as pot-shots as lawyers, oil companies. Oh, and watch out for the spy flies, too.

It's a very weird and strange book that Mr. Cowie has written, and I can't say that it always makes sense - on any level - but I did find myself laughing and generally enjoying it. I don't think it would appeal to everyone, though - it's sort of a niche kind of book. Not sure which niche it would fill, but definitely not yours if you read all the latest best-sellers, I'm thinking.

And there's a sequel! Stay tuned for a review of that in the next couple months...

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