Monday, February 26, 2007

"I Only Have Fangs for You" by Kathy Love

This is the third book in the Young brothers trilogy, and maybe the last. It's hard to tell, as the ending leaves it open to do yet another book, albeit from a bit of a different perspective. I won't give anything away, but yeah, Love could still have the Youngs coming back for more.

This round goes to the baby, Sebastian Young. His older brothers Rhys and Christian have found their soul mates in the previous books ("Fangs for the Memories" and "Fangs but No Fangs") and are worried about baby bro. He's always been a ladies' man and has been worse ever since crossing over. They think he should settle down and start to take life seriously. He thinks they are both horribly fang-whipped and need to leave him alone.

Enter Wilhemina Weiss, a plain-looking, somewhat clumsy vampiress who is working at Sebastian's club, Carfax Abbey, undercover. She has infiltrated his evil world as a waitress, not a very good one at that, in an attempt to close down the establishment. Being a member of the Society of Preternaturals Against the Mistreatment of Mortals, she knows that Sebastian is the third most dangerous being in the city, using his club to lure unsuspecting humans to their death and doom. Or that's what she thinks is happening at the club. Once she starts working there, she notices that things are not quite as she was led to believe: humans come in willingly and are alive when they leave, they seem to want to be there, and her coworkers are actually very nice to her. And then there's the owner himself, #3 on the SPAMM hit list. He certainly looks bad, in a very good way, one that has her thinking of him in various romantic scenarios, rather than being staked through the heart.

Sebastian, for his part, is also drawn to this mousy little vampiress, which is thoroughly confusing to him. She's nothing like his usual conquests, although he can remember her name. Too often, as it turns out for him. He too seems to be thinking of her in ways he thinks he shouldn't be, ways that seem all too possessive and, dare he think it, like a "boyfriend". He spends more and more time with "Mina", but is confused by her mixed signals. And there is the small hurdle of her trying to sabotage his club...................

Of course, this is a romantic comedy, so all will turn out for the best. The interesting thing here is that there's a very serious reason that Mina is sending her mixed signals, one that I think human women can relate to all too well - being forced into something. I won't say what, but it certainly explains a lot. Also, she gives quite a sad story regarding her family, one that broke my heart (as well as Sebastian's). I don't remember either of the other two entries in the series being quite so serious as this, but again, this is just a small part of the book. The rest is quite humorous, and I've really enjoyed getting to know the three brothers Young. Check them out today!

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