Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging" by Louise Rennison

This is a very cute, young adult version of Bridget Jone's Diary. Chick-lit for the younger set, if you will. Why on earth is the Bookbabe reading this, you ask? Well, because I think anyone female can relate. Yes, 14 was a long, long time ago - but one doesn't forget the awkwardness of the early teen years.

The book is the diary/journal of one Georgia Nicolson, 14-yr-old daughter and sister to Libby, who is pretty much a pain at the ripe old age of 3. And a poo monster, as Georgia tells us over and over again. Seems Libby is still being dressed in garments not conducive to emergency potty trips. And poor Georgia has to babysit, clean up, etc, her little sis quite often.

She has a best friend, Jas, and they talk about boys quite a bit. They go to Latimer and Ridgley, an all-girls school, and are often ogling the Foxwood boys from, yes - you guessed it!, the all-boys school. Two of the lads in particular are of great interest, Tom and Robbie Jennings, brothers who work at the local deli owned by their parents. Jas likes Tom, and it first appears that Georgia might too, until his older brother Robbie walks in. Robbie is henceforth known in the diary as The Sex God. Not that Georgia has ever had sex. Not that she's even been kissed. But she imagines that he is basically sex walking on two legs.

This is pretty much what every girl thinks about when she's 14, or at least, I think so! I remember having crushes, being worried about my looks, thinking my parents were daft (they aren't - they are, in fact, both geniuses and I've told them as much now that I can appreciate their wisdom), worrying about school dances, etc. Clothes are a big deal in Georgia's world, as are the latest hairstyles and who's dating whom. It's a cute, very funny book. Don't be put off by the market demographic - anyone who has been a teen will appreciate Georgia's dilemmas. And because it's marketed to teens, it's short - barely clocking in at just under 250 pages. It's also smaller than the normal hardback, so those pages don't have as much on them as a normal "adult" read. There's also a very convenient "dictionary" to explain some of the British slang, but trust me, you'll get what this girl is talking about. Check out Georgia today!

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