Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday morning news

There's not really much news to share with you, other than the fact that yes, I am still alive and I am still reading. Really! Life has just gotten in the way of this poor little blog again, as it seems to do so often. We had our Summer Reading planning sessions last week, and yours truly now needs to get all her "guests" lined up (if they're willing) and her other programs planned, including those for teens....and adults. Yes, my library will be doing the adult component of the Summer Reading 2012 program. Not that my adults need any help, but I'm supposed to plan something anyway.

The kids will "Dream Big, Read!", which I really do like. The teens will "Take Back the Night", which I am not liking; I think it sounds like I'm asking them to go run amok in the streets, become Occupy Your-City-Here types, etc. Plus the teen component starts with sixth graders, and I just don't see how they can "take back the night", not without someone willing to drive them around.

And finally, the adults. "Between the Covers" (or maybe it's "Under the Covers"... I can't remember). Would be totally awesome if everyone's mind didn't immediately dive into the gutter. Sigh.

So that's my life right now. I'll try to post a list of what I've been reading that I have not had a chance to review, just to give you ideas. Maybe one word reviews... "great", "meh", etc? That may be all I can do for the present time. Wish me luck!

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