Monday, April 26, 2010

"The Next Adventures of Guy" by Norm Cowie

(I apologize for the extreme delay in this review. I just found the one I did for the first book about Guy and his friends - from 2008! According to that review, I was going to read this sequel and review it "in a few months". Guess it has been a few, huh? Actually, about 24 months to be more precise! Again, sorry for the delay...)

Guy and his friends are back, having taken on the evil telemarketers in "The Adventures of Guy". Everyone knows that in every "Quest" you have to have a sorcerer, a warrior, and, of course, a sequel - thus "The Next Adventures of Guy". Our story opens with Guy and his pal, the sorcerer Thurman, running, then meeting Guy's elf friend Knob and Guy's little brother Seth. Thurman proceeds to tell everyone that they have to go on another Quest. What's the goal this time? Save the Earth! Seems there are some aliens headed towards our humble little planet, aliens who are not happy at all about the name of their planet. They have vowed to destroy us in order to exact revenge. And what is this awful name, you may ask? "Farfignuggen". Yeah, think of the VW ads from a few years back. I'm fairly certain this word is spelled just a bit differently; can't be slapped with a lawsuit!

The guys go to gather their Warrior from their first Quest only to find she's out of commission. Yep, she's pregnant with yet another set of twins, thanks to her overly fertile double uteri. Oh, and her name is Beth, a little factoid that was left out of the first book. Before they can go on their new Quest, the guys (including Guy) still need to find themselves a Warrior; they enlist Thurman's girlfriend, Wendy, who works at Wendy's fast food restaurant. She doesn't have double uteri or double PMS, but she is a redhead, which means she has extremely wicked anger abilities. With the gang firmly established, the Quest can begin!

Trying to describe one of these books is next to impossible. There are bits that are just completely outrageous, such as the scene where Wendy has an episode of "high beams", which enables the guys to get away from the evil gas station employees and evil OPEC guy, Oscar (who drives a Hummer, a very black and large Hummer, a vehicle with a hallway and doors to different rooms and who knows what else?). There's the Whomping Cloud, composed entirely of second-hand cigarette smoke and possessing the ability to "whomp" on buildings, cars, and people, thus destroying them. There's the Quest Mobile, Knob's used limo that belches out a cloud of black smog and drinks oil almost as often as the guys drink beer. There's all sorts of hijinks and potty humor and such. And there's still some really good barbs against Big Oil, George Bush and other political topics.

I enjoyed this book, even though as I said in the first review, it's very much a niche kind of title. It certainly wouldn't appeal to everyone, and yes, at times it's rather silly. But there are days when silly is exactly what you want. Just don't get Guy to say that he believes in something - he isn't known as "the Unbeliever" for nothing!

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