Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Heat Wave" by Richard Castle

If you watch "Castle" on ABC, well, this book is just like reading one of the episodes of that show. It's supposed to be written by the character Nathan Fillion plays, Rick Castle, and the heroine of the book is Nikki Heat, based on the TV character of Detective Kate Beckett. Confused yet?

The book is actually pretty good. It follows Nikki Heat as she's teamed up with journalist Jameson Rook (just like the TV characters, which makes sense in a way). The murder mystery needing to be solved concerns a New York real estate tycoon who falls to his death. Who did it - the young wife? The business partner? The art appraiser? The thieves? And what about the attraction between Nikki and Jameson? Will they give in to temptation, or keep their relationship strictly business?

Perhaps the biggest mystery is the author himself. Wisely, the publisher has a picture of Nathan Fillion on the back cover, since he is Rick Castle (well, he is on TV). There's a lot of buzz on Amazon about the identity of the "real" author, with such names as James Patterson, Max Allan Collins, and even Stephen King popping up. However, I think I'll go with the poster who said he/she is convinced that it's the shows creator, Andrew Marlowe, that penned "Heat Wave". Lots of evidence points to Marlowe, such as the "author's acknowledgements", where the real-life partner of Marlowe is thanked. Plus, as the poster points out, the person who wrote the book knew just about every little detail of the TV show, and who better than the shows creator? Maybe someday we'll know, maybe not.

Overall, not a bad little mystery. It could easily stand on its own if you're not a fan of the TV show "Castle", but it could entice you to start watching said show! And if you love "Castle", well, I can't see you not liking this book.

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