Monday, February 1, 2010

February releases

Dear readers, a short month and a Bookbabe with little free time on her hands means you will be getting one entry this time regarding new releases. Just going to hit some of the highlights and move on; I still have to finalize all my programs for our Summer Reading program by the end of this month, not to mention attend the dreaded Staff Development Day (think an 8-hour long meeting from which there is no escape). And our weather has been very wintry here lately, which means I've been getting some reading done - and I know I'm far behind on the book reviews. Don't want to leave you hanging out there! Without further ado, here's what to look for in the month of Love...

"Secret Whispers" by V. C. Andrews. In case you've been living in the state of denial, Cleo Virginia Andrews is DEAD. The books published under her name have been written by Andrew Neiderman; she wrote the infamous "Flowers in the Attic" and three other complete novels in that series before dying at the age of 63. Neiderman finished "Garden of Shadows", the final book in the series, and he's been writing the things ever since. If you've never read any of the books, let me help you out here - they are almost all exactly the same. Or at least the five in the series I was given years ago were. Girl who comes from a rough life meets a guy who has a much better life and falls in love, only for girl to learn that they are somehow related by blood. Yep - incest as romance! It's not as horrible as it sounds, as there are often cases of mistaken identity and such, and if there is a blood connection, it's usually several times removed. Still, my opinion is if you've read one, you've read them all.

"The Postmistress" by Sarah Blake. A debut novel that's getting a lot of buzz. Set during WWII, the book contains the stories of three very different women, one being Iris James, the postmistress of Franklin, a small town on Cape Cod. She does something very out of the ordinary - she does not deliver a letter - an act that may have far-reaching consequences. Sounds like it could be a smash hit, especially if book clubs start getting their hands on it.

"Horn" by Joe Hill. It's been a while since "Heart-Shaped Box" appeared, and I've been anxious to see what Uncle Stevie's kid does next. Don't be fooled - Joe has his own style and voice, and while it's reminiscent of his very famous father, he's a fabulous writer in his own right. This time he tells us a tale of a man who awakes one morning to find horns on his head. Not only does he have these new body parts, he has some new talents as well - the ability to know the deepest, darkest thoughts of anyone he touches. Can't wait for this one!

"Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. These are the brothers that brought us "Made to Stick", a great little book about marketing/advertising. This time they turn their attention personal change, whether it be breaking a bad habit or seeking to motivate employees. Hopefully this one will be a good read, too.

"Big Girl" by Danielle Steel. Ok, I'll admit it - I have never, ever read anything by Steel. They're just not my type of book. And it's gotten to the point where I seriously doubt she's writing all these things herself; she publishes approximately one title every 3 months. I have visions of monkeys at typewriters....

"Split Image" by Robert B. Parker. The ninth and probably last book in Parker's Jesse Stone series. We might still have one or two more published this year, but unfortunately, Parker has left the building. My husband is still upset at not knowing how Spenser will end.

"Flirt" by Laurell K. Hamilton. I left Anita Blake a long time ago, mostly because LKH wandered off into porn-land. I hear she might be finding her way back to plot-land, but it's too late for me.

"Black Magic Sanction" by Kim Harrison. Book 8 in Harrison's awesome Rachel Morgan series. This is one of those writers that started out a bit shaky, but she was good enough that I stuck with her. I'm so glad I did - the world of Rachel and the Hollows just keeps getting better and better. And in case you missed it, all the titles play off Clint Eastwood movies (yeah, I didn't pick up on it right away, either!)

"Pleasure of a Dark Prince" by Kresley Cole. A guilty pleasure of mine, I discovered Cole's Immortals After Dark series a few years back. Good lusty fun with vamps, weres and Valkyries galore - oh my! And usually a pretty rockin' story to tie it all together, too.

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