Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Fierce Style: How to be your most fabulous self" by Christian Siriano

"Fierce!" The battle cry of one small gay design hopeful, the battle cry of none other than Christian Siriano, the one word that made me cringe by the end of that season of Project Runway. Everything was "Fierce!" where Christian was concerned, and he used that word often enough that, to me, it lost it's power.

Or so I thought.

Enter the fashion wunderkind with this book. I picked it up because I knew who he was (and no, I was not rooting for him to win - I was and still am a Chris March fan!) and thought it would be interesting to see if he'd mellowed out any since PR. Uh, no. The book reads very much like I imagine an afternoon with Christian would go, which means I had to read in small doses. A little goes a long way, people!

However, the book does have some good tips, and not just where fashion is concerned. One of the big things I took away from this was the idea of being "fierce", that it doesn't matter what kind of fashion you're rockin' or how well your hair/makeup look - what you feel inside is what counts. And that's the sort of message I can get behind. He makes the point more than once that you need to feel fierce inside because that's what people really notice; the outfit may be strictly couture and pricey, but if you're feeling drab and cheap, that's what people will see. YOU wear the outfit, not the other way around.

He has good tips for several different body styles, including curvy women, but nothing for the short gal, which I found rather odd. I mean, c'mon - he's super-short for a guy! Surely he's heard us vertically-challenged girls complain about finding looks that are flattering. Sigh. I did like that he admitted he's made several fashion blunders himself, making him human like the rest of us. YES! And while I like some of his designs, there's no way that I would buy anything from his lines; I checked them out online, and there's nothing there for me. Not my style, and definitely not my price!

Overall, not a bad little book, mostly due to the fact that it's not all about fashion. There's a dictionary of Christian's "slang" in the back, which works and doesn't. He says in the intro that the first time a word is introduced, there will be an asterisk after it (hot pink, of course!), which means it's in the dictionary. OK, cool idea. But the asterisk shows up after every word he's got defined every time it appears, which became very distracting after a while. This is not really a skip-around-while-reading book, so I doubt people will get to the word in chapter 5 and not know what it means.

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