Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Autobiography of a Fat Bride" by Laurie Notaro

Little Laurie is growing up in this book. Don't worry - her life is still pretty much a train wreck and she mines it for all the laughs she can get. She has, however, managed to find a "good guy", one who doesn't turn her into Princess Enabler, one who shows no sign of packing up his stuff and moving away with an ex-girlfriend. He's so good that she needs to find a way to keep him and turns to the ultimate bribe - fried cutlets. Never mind that she might kill him with a heart attack before the actual wedding.

Not only is Laurie being sucked into the hell that is planning a wedding, she's also buying a home. A little, sad, brown house. A little house in a not-so-great neighborhood, but one that they can afford, which is pretty important. She's getting all sorts of wedding advice, some of it helpful, most of it along the lines of threats from her mother ("If you get divorced within a year, you owe you father $35.78 a dinner times two hundred!"). Now if she could only find a job...

Notaro once again shows us that it's OK to be an Idiot Girl, to fall down in life as long as you pick yourself back up, and that no matter how crazy they make you, your family will stand by you (or maybe that's hide behind you - whatever). Don't miss out on her books, especially if you're in need of some humor in your life.

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