Friday, September 5, 2008

"Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer

I wanted to love this book, I really did. I DID love the first three and found them early on, recommending them to the YA crowd and adults alike. I scanned some of the reviews on Amazon and sincerely hoped that the haters were just unhappy people who were wrong. Sadly, I have to agree with them. I didn't actually finish the book - got to page 179, closed it, and said "I quit". For me, this series will be a trilogy and nothing more, with the eternal question of which one did she choose.

The first 100 pages or so weren't bad at all, very much like the previous books. I was wondering why everyone was so upset! Then I got to the wedding, and it seemed like things were shifting a bit, but not running off the rails or anything. Then I got to the island and the honeymoon and was just completely flummoxed. WTF??? I see now why people were talking about Sci-Fi writing and such. As the teens would text, "OMG!"

I struggled on, knowing that Jacob took over the narrative in the next section. I had really grown to like Jake in the third book, enough so that I wanted Bella to end up with him. But even from his point of view, the writing was just - atrocious. As if Meyer herself hadn't been writing at all. I got to the scene with Jake and Edward outside talking about Bella's condition and just closed the book.

I don't know why Meyer went in the direction she went. I know basically what happens in the book from the posts/reviews on Amazon and other locations, but will refrain from commenting, as I feel you really have to read something to review it properly. I can only tell you that from an adult perspective, I was appalled. I work in a library and am all about free speech and speaking out on banning books, etc, but for an author to write about a girl, a MODERN girl, getting married and suddenly finding herself with a rapidly advancing supernatural pregnancy, one that will most likely kill her to bring to term, and knowing that this book is aimed at the YA market, at teen girls? I just do not understand that. I wanted to try to give Meyer a break, thinking that maybe she was trying to write something that girls might be able to relate to, those that have found themselves as teen mothers, but come on - that is NOT the market she's writing for and I think we all know that. It just came off as a little too romantic and glamorous for my taste. If this book was an adult fiction offering, I think I'd be OK with it. Just my opinion.

As I said, I stopped around page 179. I won't ever finish this book, and I am so sorry I read as much as I did. I think Meyer could've put the first 100 pages or so at the end of Eclipse, kept it as the Twilight Trilogy, and everyone would've been fairly happy. Sure, you wouldn't have known if Bella became a vampire or not, but then YOU could write your own happy ending!

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