Monday, May 14, 2012

"Our Red Hot Romance is Leaving Me Blue" by Dixie Cash

Full-time hairdressers and part-time private detectives, Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins-Martin - the Domestic Equalizers - have dealt with cheating spouses, shady business deals, Elvis-obsessed shoe thieves, even murder. But ghosts? That's a whole new rodeo!

Justin Sadler's just coming to terms with the absence of his dear departed Rache - but now he's not so sure she's departed! Every time he goes home he knows someone's been there - and if it's not Rachel trying to communicate from beyond, it's someone else who's trying to drive him stark raving bonkers. So the Equalizers are on the case, with the help of an El Paso psychic who's so dead-on, it's scary. It's enough to make any good ol' gal's big hair stand on end!

The investigation leads them toward one of their tiny West Texas Town's more unsavory characters - and, all things considered, Debbie Sue would much rather be cuddling in the arms of her hubby, the sexiest cop in the whole nation of Texas. But the Equalizers will never say die...even when dealing with the restless dead.

As always, a cute read featuring two of the nicest (and sometimes foul-mouthed) women this side of the Mississippi. I've read all of the Dixie Cash books featuring the Domestic Equalizers, and if you're looking for a "fluffy" yet fun read, these are for you.

The description pretty much says everything you need to know about the story. I did like that there was more interaction between our two hapless heroines this time around; the relationship between Debbie Sue and Edwina is what really makes these books. When only one of them is on the receiving end of the storyline, it tends to fall a bit flat. Together, these characters are unstoppable - and just lovable as well.

I thought the "love interest" characters were well-written this time, too. And no "cute meet" this time, which was wonderful! Sophia is legitimately contacted as the psychic, and so she's really Justin's employee (for a very brief moment in time). It was also nice to read about a character who truly loved his wife; his hope that maybe his dearly departed sweetie is trying to contact him from beyond the grave was quite moving.

As usual, I highly recommend this for a fun, quick read. And beach season is quickly approaching - this would be PERFECT for that!

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