Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have just spent the last half hour slogging through my "spam" folder here on my blog. Over 350 posts to scroll through! And much to my chagrin, there were posts that were not spam, comments made by anonymous readers thanking me for my reviews.

I apologize to any and all that kept coming back to see their comments. I did not intend to ignore anyone; I simply didn't realize that many people were actually reading my blog! If you have ever commented in the past (and you weren't trying to send my readers to some porn website) you should now see your comment. You may have to go back quite a ways, as I had to OK some posts from as far back as 2010.

Again, mea culpa. From now on, I will be checking the spam folder on a much more regular basis, and I promise to get the legit comments posted ASAP. Thanks for reading - nice to know that you're out there!

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