Sunday, December 26, 2010

I did it!

According to my "read" list on, I have achieved my goal of reading as many books this year as I did last year. And just what is the magic number? (drum roll please.....)


Yep, that's right - I've read eighty-six books this year. YES! I am very impressed with myself. That averages out to 1.65 books every week of the 52 weeks this year. And I still have a few days left, meaning I could possibly surpass my goal.

Why get so excited about this? Well, there are a lot of studies/articles out there stating that people don't read nearly as much as they used to, especially with all the technology taking up our time (computers, cell phones, gaming, etc). And let's face it, since I do work in a library, it's good publicity for the employees to be reading. I also think it's good to have goals, and while I do try to set other goals each year, this is the one that I seem to excel at (probably because I love to read so much).

At one point, I was hoping to read 200 books in a single year, which of course, I never did. Once I started crunching the numbers, I realized that's probably never going to happen; that's almost 4 books a week, every week, for 52 weeks. WOW! If I was retired, I might be able to do it, but since I do still have to work for a living (and since I'm lucky enough to have a job paying my bills), I guess my current speed isn't too bad. Maybe next year I'll shoot for an even 100 titles.

Happy Reading in 2011!

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