Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thoughts on 2009 and the past decade

Yes, I'm going to do it, too. All the TV shows are doing their "look back on the year" spots, and since this is the end of our first decade in the 2000s, we get to look back at that, too. I figured, why not? I have thoughts and feelings about this subject, darn it! LOL....

So how was my 2009? It was OK. We didn't accomplish everything we'd hoped, but we didn't fail miserably, either. Jeff and I managed to keep hammering away at our debt while saving money at the same time - no small feat in this economy. Granted, it would be a lot easier with both of us working, but at least we DO have an income, right? There are a lot of folks out there where both husband and wife are out of work, and a lot of times, they have kids, too. We're very lucky that it's just us, and trust me, we know it. We did manage to take two long weekends away to the beach, which was a miracle in itself - my hubby and I successfully travelling together, that is! We have a horrible track record when it comes to vacations; we're lucky we haven't killed each other. Not only did we take two this year, they were both fairly pleasant and we enjoyed our time away. We're already planning to go back next year!

I still have my job at the library, which I still love, and I know how lucky that makes me. Yes, it's been hard - the economy has brought in more patrons, and they're stressed out like you wouldn't believe, making our jobs here a bit more difficult and delicate. We feel for our patrons that are out of work, and we celebrate when they get the job. Tax season is right around the corner, and I am NOT looking forward to it this year, as NC has decided that they will not be sending out forms to libraries this year. OMG, what a nightmare! Think I'll start stocking up on alcohol now...

As for the decade, well, it's had its ups and downs, just like any decade I suppose. On the highlight reel for myself? I met and married Jeff, moved here to NC, and found my calling in library work (something I had once feared - didn't want to be the old spinster librarian w/a million cats!) I still have my car, Merlin, and both Jeff & I are healthy. We're ending the decade with money in the bank, which is a very good thing, and we're looking toward the future.

We did have some very low points, though, and when I say low, I mean low. We both lost grandparents in 2000, within months of each other, and we were close to them. We moved here - very stressful - and then couldn't find work right away, leaving us with very little money to live on. And being the proud idiots we are, we wouldn't look for help - we just charged all our necessities, hoping we could pay it back someday. We both had major automotive repairs to the tune of several thousand dollars over the last 10 yrs, but we couldn't really afford to get a new (or newer) car, meaning we just had to whip out the plastic and suck it up. And we had a few very rough years in our marriage, bad enough that I think we both thought about divorce more than once.

All that is behind us now, and I for one am looking forward to 2010 and the next decade. I know that our fortunes will really head in the right direction; we're working together as a team, which makes all the difference. We love each other and have worked thru our personal differences (for the most part!). And even though we don't have everything we'd like to have right this second, we know we'll have it someday, which is good enough. Patience, grasshopper, patience.

I wish all my friends out in cyberland a happy, healthy, and properous New Year. Take a few minutes to think about the good things in your life, and say "good riddance!" to the rubbish. Tell people you love them and show kindness to strangers. And let's try to make all that last past January 2nd, shall we?

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