Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Out Today, 10/5/09

Hmmm.... looking over my list, there's not really a whole lot to look forward today. Oh well, not every week can be a banner week for books, huh?

"The Professional" by Robert B. Parker. This is book #38 - yeah, thirty-eight, in Parker's popular Spenser series. I have yet to read Parker, but my husband is a faithful follower of all his series. According to hubby dearest (and quite a lot of our library patrons), Parker writes a great book - easy to read, good characters, cool plots. You don't have to read them in order, but hubby says that it helps, as Spenser is written as a "real" person, aging, losing friends, gaining new ones, etc.

"Christmas List" by Richard Paul Evans. Oh goodie, let the holiday books begin! Look, if you follow this blog at all, you know I am not a fan of the "holiday read". There's usually not enough content in these things to merit the asking price of the book. Find it at a library near you if you really want to read it, but save your money for other, non-holiday, titles.

"Evidence" by Jonathan Kellerman. Yep, another series, this time Alex Delaware. Again, I haven't read anything by Kellerman but the guy is insanely popular with the library patrons. I have heard from several of said readers that you do need to read these things in order, so if you're not already following this series, go back and start at the beginning. Plus you might be able to get a better deal on this title by the time you get around to it!

"Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel" by Jeannette Walls. This one sounds very interesting, as I've never heard the "true-life novel" claim before. It's a fictionalized account of Walls' grandmother (or possibly her great-grandmother - it's early and my memory is fuzzy). Walls wrote "The Glass Castle", which has often been a book club selection, and has gained a good following. Have to keep an eye on sales of this one, see where it goes.

"New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion" by Mark Cotta Vaz. Yeah, not something I'd ordinarily bother mentioning, but I bet it's going to have some awesome pics of Taylor Lautner. Yummy! Probably get it in the library and won't be able to keep up with demand!

"A Touch of Dead: The Complete Stories)" by Charlaine Harris. This is supposed to be a complete collection of all the short stories that relate to Harris's Southern Vampire series. I'm sure most of them will be about Sookie and the vamps, but don't forget - there are other characters in the books. Maybe there's a little gem starring Jason? Or maybe an Eric scene that we know nothing about! Sad thing is I've probably read most of them already...

"Death's Mistress" by Karen Chance. This is the second book in Chance's Dorina Basarab series, a very nice complementary line to her Cassandra Palmer series. I wasn't too sure about it at first - always a crap shoot when you take a peripheral character and give them more page time. Luckily, I was very happy with the first book ("Midnight's Daughter") and I'm anxious to read this one.

I'm not going to worry about the non-fiction dropping today, mostly because none of it jumps out as being necessary, and also because I don't have much time today. Gotta run - lots to get done!

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