Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Love is a Many Trousered Thing" by Louise Rennison

Georgia Nicolson is back, and she's got a small problem. She has walked into the Cakeshop of Lurve, and has apparently bought two cakes! Her gorgey Italian guy, Massimo, has declared himself free and wants to be hers. But Robbie the Sex God is also back in the picture, having returned to England from Kiwi-a-gogo land, thankfully without any wombats. What's a girl to do?

Well, if you're Gee, not a whole lot. This is basically the same book as the rest of the series, which means that while I still enjoyed reading it, I'm reading for my girl to grow up a bit and take some responsibility. And, at the end of this book, it looks like she's going to do just that when she has a rather serious talk with Robbie. FINALLY! I mean, I'm all for being a flighty teen and boy-crazy; I went through just such a faze (although I doubt I was ever as flighty as Gee!). But there comes a time when the author needs to move the series along a bit, and in this case, that means making Gee a bit more mature in her actions.

The most surprising thing in this book was Gee's attitude toward her "besty" friend Jas. Granted, Georgia has always been a bit less of a friend in that relationship, but in this book she's a downright user. I was very disappointed, and truthfully, I wonder why Jas hasn't told her off and refused to speak to her anymore. Gee only wants to be friends if Jas will get her info on one of her potential hotties; if Jas refuses, or worse just doesn't know anything to tell, Gee gets very peeved and downright rude towards her. That's not really a good way to portray a friendship, and while I doubt that the YA crowd will be swayed by Gee, it's a bit bothersome to me that the author has moved in this direction. There are more books in the series, so hopefully Jas will grow a backbone and put Gee in her place.

On a more positive note, Dave the Laugh is also featured, and I think Gee might be realizing that one can be friends with a guy you fancy. I'm living proof of that!!

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