Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"I Want You to Want Me" by Kathy Love

Love continues to write about her newest love, New Orleans, and much like her previous vampire series, she sticks with a relative of a character in her previous book, "Any Way You Want It". That light romp introduced us to Ren and Maggie as a romantic duo, and at the beginning of this book, the two have recently married and are off for a hot weekend of, well, you know! Maggie's friend Erika has also moved to the Big Easy in hopes of nurturing her creative talents; Erika is a sculptor who wants to finally take a chance on earning a living doing what she loves, rather than what she has to. (There's a third friend from the original trio, Jo, and I'm sure the next book will be her story). Ren has been gracious enough to let Erika rent one of the apartments in Ren's building, and she believes herself to be alone one night, until she hears strange noises from the apartment right above hers.
Vittorio Ridgewood is Ren's half-brother and he's the source of the mysterious noises. He's come back to New Orleans to solve a mystery, namely the deaths of some twenty or so women that he's known over the years. It sounds horrible until you realize that Vittorio is a vampire, just like Ren, so that means a lot of time has passed between each of the women's unfortunate demises. And most of them appear to be from natural causes, not murder. Vittorio remains convinced that the women he's been attracted to have died because of him, and he's also fairly sure of the killer - his own mother.

When Vittorio and Erika meet, they're instantly attracted to each other (sigh - aren't they always?) But of course, Erika has a big show coming up and needs to concentrate on her work, while Vittorio needs to keep Erika as far from his as possible, lest his murderous mother decide to put her on the chopping block. Will they be able to keep their hands off each other? Will Vittorio expose his mother's evil doings? Will this book be any different than the other Love books?

Um, no. I mean, it's a paranormal romance, so you know it's going to have a happy ending, no problem. You know there's going to be a few hot sex scenes (and they are suitably hot, let me tell ya!) and that the bad guy will be vanquished. It's not great literature, but it IS great fun and an easy romantic read, so go ahead and enjoy yourself. The only real problem I had with the book was Orabella, Vittorio and Ren's mother. I'm not entirely sure what the author was going for, but this went past the whole "no woman is good enough for my baby boy" type of thing. It was actually uncomfortable to read about Orabella's obsession with her son; I kept wondering if he'd make a confession to Erika about sexual abuse in his youth, but nope, that never happened. I think it never happened. Very weird and just kind of icky. Totally explains why Orabella is homicidal but didn't make the book better.

Love writes a good vampire romance, and I would recommend any of her books to my readers. Also, don't miss her earlier works, which are just plain old light romances. They're just as good!

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