Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Kitty Takes a Holiday" by Carrie Vaughn

The same command is given by the Bookbabe in this review as it was in the previous review for the 2nd Kitty Norville book - GO CATCH UP! I don't want anyone saying that I ruined the book for them because they hadn't read the series thus far.

OK, now that you've read books 1-3 (and you have, haven't you?), you'll be ready to read this review. Again, my apologies for using another review to give you the basic plot description, but I'm tired. This is the fourth review I've posted today since I'm trying to catch up here. In the future, I'm going to post these puppies as soon as I've finished the book; much less work for me that way!

From BooklistIn Kitty's third appearance, she is back in Colorado, where she is supposed to be earning the advance she was paid to write her story while on leave from her radio show. But strange things are happening: barbed-wire crosses and dead animals are left around the cabin. Bounty hunter Cormac shows up with Ben, Kitty's attorney who has been infected with lycanthropy, and together they work to bring him through the change successfully. Cormac and Ben had been tracking down a pair of werewolves who had been destroying sheep near Shiprock, New Mexico, and who had killed a werewolf son of the people who had hired them. Vaughn ventures into Tony Hillerman country with the introduction of an evil skinwalker who takes the form of a wolf. Strong on characterization, Vaughn creates characters worth visiting time after time in this compelling world where vampires and werewolves have their own radio call-in show. Diana Tixier HeraldCopyright © American Library Association.

That pretty much says it in a nut-shell as far as plot. Of course, what the Booklist reviews doesn't tell you is that Kitty is attracted to both Cormac and Ben, a situation made all the more tense by the size of her cabin and Ben's becoming a werewolf. It puts a great spin on things, and though the end of the book isn't promising this, I think we're looking at an awesome romantic triangle down the road. I'm glad it's not going to happen right away, and I'm hoping that it doesn't run the series off into the ditch like it did with the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. We'll just have to wait and see.

The Kitty books are some of my favorite reading out there right now. Smart, funny, romantic without being overly mushy. Check them out today!

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