Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Kitty Goes to Washington" by Carrie Vaughn

Another series folks! Do yourself a favor and read the first book before you go any farther, OK? "Kitty and the Midnight Hour", available in paperback - check or E-bay or any of your other favorite shopping sites/bookstores. It's OK, I'll wait.

OK, I'm hoping that you've caught up on our heroine and are ready to travel with her to our capitol. Not traveling so much as summoned, I suppose. There are Senate hearings on the werewolves and other things that go bump in the night, now that the rest of the world knows those things are real. Kitty is asked to speak before the panel, although she's not entirely sure about what. However, since most are aware of her true nature thanks to her radio show, she'll go. That and the fact her her attorney, Ben O'Farrell, explains that they can subpoena her to show up. Sort of puts a different spin on things.

Kitty plays the tourist and in doing so meets some interesting characters. The first is the vampire mistress of the city, Alette, who is watching the talks with great interest, mostly in preserving her own way of life. The world knows about the weres, but not about the vamps, and Alette prefers to maintain the status quo. Kitty also finds a sanctuary of sorts in The Crescent, a bar below a Moroccan restaurant, a place where lycanthropes can go and mingle in peace. She quickly becomes friends with Luis, a Brazilian were-jaguar. Unfortunately, she also comes in contact with Senator Duke, a bible-thumping power-mad man who wants the world to know about the "monsters" out there.

Of course, Kitty being Kitty, this trip is about to turn into a nightmare, including a run-in with a previous character who turns out to be evil incarnate, lots of chases through the capitol city, and our heroine being kidnapped. It's a great book with a good plot and fantastic characters, one you'll be glad you picked up.

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