Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"The Vampire Who Loved Me" by Teresa Medeiros

Ah, the basic plot of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy leaves town to save girl, boy comes back and girl won't let him lie to himself any longer, the end.

Except, of course, that in this case the "boy" is Julian Kane, a grown man, and a vampire to boot. The girl has grown to a young woman, and Portia Cabot isn't a wilting flower, either. The rekindling of their love is pretty much the plot for this book, a passable if cliched paranormal romance novel.

Prior to the events of this book, Julian had been trapped, tortured, and starved by his evil sire, who then threw Portia into the same crypt, knowing what would happen. Plans don't always come off, though, as Portia gave up her blood and her love to "save" Julian's life, or un-life, as the case may be. Horrified at his growing affections for the 17-year-old, Julian left town soon after, determined to "save" Portia right back.

As we all know, lovers that try to protect each other just end up doing the opposite. Julian rides back into town to track down a killer vamp and runs into Portia. She is determined to stay away from him, since it's obvious that he no longer wants her, and he could very well be the killer himself. The book takes the usual twists and turns as far as the mystery part goes, and the romance part is really nothing new, either.

As I said, it's a passable entry in the field of paranormal romance, but I'm not sure that true paranormal fans will find enough "weird" stuff in it, nor will romance readers find enough "regency romance" in it to satisfy them. It took me about a day to finish it, and I have to admit I skimmed through some of it. Not awful, not great. A solid "C", if you will :-)

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