Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Eternal Nights" by Patti O'Shea

This was sent to me by my friend at the used bookstore. I think she'd sent it because I really enjoyed "Through a Crimson Veil", O'Shea's entry for the Crimson City series. I have to admit, I wasn't too sure about this one; when I picked it up and read the back cover, I just wasn't grabbed by the plot line. At all.

Well, they tell you not to judge a book by it's cover, don't they? Good reason for that old adage - it's true! This was definitely a good read, and I would gladly recommend it to others who aren't looking for traditional romance novels. This falls under the category of "futuristic romance", but it probably could've been placed under paranormal romance just as easily. In any case, it has a strong plot, good character development, and a decently-paced romance, elements that come together to create a fabulous little book.

Captain Kendall Thomas is cataloging archaeological finds on Jarved 9 for the army. In her daily work, she discovers that someone has been stealing artifacts and smuggling them off the planet. She knows she needs to protect the heritage of this planet, and particularly that of the great pyramid, a structure to which she feels a strange affinity. However, she's not sure she's got enough proof to go to her boss, not yet.

Her good friend Wyatt Montgomery knows that something is wrong, something big. But Bug (his pet name for her) is skittish as the best of times, and Wyatt knows that no amount of pushing is going to get her to open up. Before going on a three-week mission for Special Ops, he asks a friend of his to watch out for her. Unfortunately, this friend is put at risk, and is killed upon Wyatt's return. Adding to the mystery is the disappearance of Kendall, something that is very troubling to Wyatt. He goes to rescue her, and they are both trapped and left for dead in the pyramid.

Sounds simple enough, right? Find a way out of the pyramid, alert the authorities to the smuggling operation, get the girl. As an added twist, Wyatt remembers a past life with Kendall, a life lived right there on Jarved 9. However, Kendall doesn't have any memory of it, which means that Wyatt must be very careful in his pursuit of her. Unbeknownst to Wyatt, Kendall has been having some strange dreams, dreams that may just be those past memories. Will she realize that they were in love before? Will she let herself love him now? Will they be able to escape with their lives?

It's a fast-paced finish to find these answers. O'Shea doesn't disappoint, either (other than explaining why he calls her Bug - never did figure that one out!).

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