Monday, January 22, 2007

"Plum Lovin" by Janet Evanovich

Since I'm feeling a bit pressed for time today, I'm going to let Publishers Weekly give you the synopsis of the book this time.................
"From Publishers Weekly: In this tart and hilarious "between-the-numbers" Stephanie Plum novel from bestseller Evanovich (Twelve Sharp), the Jersey bond enforcement agent, who already has two guys in her life (cop Joe Morelli and bounty hunter Ranger), reconnects with Diesel, a third heartthrob. Diesel offers Stephanie a deal: if he lets her find Annie Hart, a relationship coach who's become a big-ticket bond on Stephanie's Most Wanted List after fleeing a charge for a robbery she didn't commit, then Stephanie can do Annie a big favor by playing Cupid for a number of Annie's lovelorn clients, including a shy butcher, a desperate vet, an overworked single mom, a 30-something virgin and the marriage-phobic fellow who just happens to be Stephanie's pregnant sister's boyfriend. Diesel and Stephanie's short but sweet adventure ends on a teasing note that will leave fans hungry for the next juicy Plum-a-thon. (Jan.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved."

That's pretty much it for the plot of the book. This is similar to "Visions of SugarPlums", another "between-the-numbers" entry that was published about two years ago for a Christmas read. This is also a holiday book but uses Valentine's Day as its major theme. (One wonders if she'll try for an Easter-themed entry next time - perhaps Diesel in a bunny-suit a la "Christmas Story"?)It's the usual cast of misfits as well as the usual hysterical mishaps that occur in any Plum book. And it's short - never a bad thing when it's not what most would consider a "true" Stephanie Plum book.

What's surprising is Stephanie herself. Turns out, she's actually good at the matchmaking thing, way better than she is at the bounty-hunting thing. While there's not much action per se in this book, it was nice to have our favorite Jersey girl stay safe - no bullets, no bombs, no blown-up cars. And let's face it, who wouldn't want to hang around Diesel for a while? He's written to be just as sexy as Ranger, yet just as comfortable as Joe; he's the best of both worlds for Stephanie. I'd love for him to stay put and give the other two men a run for their money.

Overall, I'll give this my "cute read" approval. It's not worth shelling out the money, though - sorry Janet, but I'm a girl who believes in a bargain. If you collect the Plum books in hardback, OK, go ahead and part with the money. But if you're just following the series, hit a used book store or your local library. And keep watching for the next Plum book, which looks tentatively titled "Lean Mean Thirteen"!

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