Friday, January 5, 2007

The Bookbabe Begins!

Hello all! This is my attempt to create a space to review books, something I was doing sporadically on Amazon but can no longer do. In their attempts to whittle down the reviews of books done by people who had never READ the item in question, the big A now requires me to purchase before reviewing. Well, here's the thing - I don't buy books. The Bookbabe works in a library, so there is no reason for me to buy books now. I used to work in a used bookstore before that, so again, no real reason to buy anything. I was highly disappointed by the big A's move, but having read some of those insane reviews, I understand their point. What to do? Get advice to start a blog (thanks little sis!) Thus, the Bookbabe now has a place again to review books. And be forwarned, there will also probably be some general life stuff in here too - thus the title "Novel News".

Here are the Bookbabe's basic facts: I work in a library, full-time. No, I do not have an MLS degree, but yes, I am still good at my job. Actually, I'm also very lucky - I love my job! Awesome when something you love to do anyway gets to work into a way to make a living! No, I will never be rich, at least, not money-wise. I don't know if anyone goes into this kind of work for the big bucks! I'm nearing middle age (but still have a way to go to get there, thank god!) I am married and have been for 6 years. Part of Novel News will, no doubt, be some ramblings about said hubby, but he's a great guy, so you should only see good stuff about him, I hope! I have one sibling, said Little Sis, who knows a lot more about computers than I ever will. Thanks again to her for this suggestion - hope she likes reading it! I work with two other ladies here, and we have a great staff, another plus. I have worked with people I didn't like nearly as much, and trust me, it makes a HUGE difference when you like your co-workers!

As for the reviews themselves, I hope to do about one/week at first. If I come across something great, I'll try to review it right away. But one/week is a good goal at first, I think. Also, I tend NOT to read the most popular titles, so look for reviews of more obscure stuff, mostly in the vampire/paranormal lines. But also look for non-fiction, Southern humor, mystery, etc. I will also try to put the word out if there's a particular title that our library patrons are raving about - always good to know!

That's it for this inagural post. Hope it reads well, and I hope you love reading as much as I do!


PJ said...

Great Job, do you do reviews upon request? I am also a reader (as you well know), and sometimes do buy books based upon reviews and recommendations of others, instead of popular authors or latest releases. Have randomly found some really good books that way. I just finished Nelson DeMille's "Wildfire", and he has done better...kind of drags in several places. Normally I cannot put his books down.

I look forward to reading your book reviews and hope to find some really cool stuff....

Molly said...

Greeting! Can't wait to read the blog. While I don't have much time to read, I love hearing news from you guys!

PJ said...

Hey Bookbabe,

Thanks for the reviews, I added some to my future reading list. As for Member of the Wedding, I also read the book years ago and did not understand it, also saw the movie(old B&W). Now that I am older (but not senile yet) I believe I understand it more. I really believe Frankie was just going through puberty and was starved for attention. And like very young teen lacked self confidence and was also seeking acceptance. It has been many, many years since I read the book, but reflecting back this is how i remember it.