Tuesday, February 11, 2014

F in Exams: the very best totally wrong test answers by Richard Benson

Everyone's been there. You study hard. The big test arrives. You turn over the paper...and you draw a total blank. Not a clue. 

Collected in this book are examples of the more creative and hilarious ways that students have tackled those particularly challenging exam questions.

An incredibly short but funny book, the sort of thing that takes you maybe 30 minutes to read. Just be sure you're among friends if you're reading it around other people, as you will be laughing out loud - and you don't want people thinking you're weird. Also good to be reading around friends as you'll definitely want to share some of the crazy answers. You can tell some of the test takers just didn't care that they didn't know the answer; they have fun making up stuff. Some of the answers are so wrong, they make you weep for the future of our youth. And then there are the misspellings that lead to hilarity, such as the following question/answer:

"What were Jesus' closest group of followers known as?"

"The 12 decibels"

Great for a good laugh. And yes, I completely relate, as I can remember blanking out on a test question or two in my day.

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