Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014!

As always, my first promise is to keep up with this blog. OK, to do better at keeping up with this blog. Oh, alright, to at least post once a month on this blog.

I didn't make my reading goal of 2013 of 100 books - only made it to 75, maybe 76. It's hard to keep track; I use two different online bookshelf sites, and they don't always have every title available. Either way, I didn't succeed. Then again, 75 or 76 books is still nothing to sniff at. I've already set my goal of 100 books for this year on both sites, and wonder of wonders, I've already finished one book. And it's only the 2nd day of January!

Big changes are happening in my work life. I've been reassigned to a branch pairing in my library system, so I'll be responsible for two branches, two communities, and of course, all new staff (all new to me, that is). I've been at my current branch for 11 years. It's where I started my library career, and it's been very hard, the idea of leaving the people behind. And, since I work for county government, and one that is still struggling with very skeletal budgets, there is no raise for taking on more responsibility. In fact, we had to pick up a second car, so according to my husband, we're actually losing money with this move. Oh well - I still have a job, and that is definitely nothing to sneeze at (as anyone working in a library knows).

My hopes for 2014 include lots of great books, hopefully at least one good vacation, and to finish the year off still sane and maybe even 10 pounds lighter. Hey, it could happen! My hopes for you, my (very few) readers, is that you stick with me, don't give up on me, and that you have lots of great books in your future, too.

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