Monday, July 30, 2012

Miss me?

Sorry for not posting sooner, but it's been a crazy few weeks. Our Summer Reading program just finished up last week at the library, which is the biggest reason I've been away. An interesting seven weeks this summer, as we aren't open to the public nearly as many hours as we were last year. Our overall signups were less, but not much less. Our program attendance, though, was fantastic!

I have been reading, and yes, there are reviews forthcoming. Thanks for being patient with me, and if you have kids yourself, I hope you've been taking them to the library this summer! I also hope we all get much-needed weather relief, be it rain, dryness, cooler temps, or warmer weather. It's been kinda miserable where I am, but I know I'm lucky. Many friends are in areas that have been hit hard by drought/soaring temps.

OH!!! And if you need something to make you smile, please go check out my latest obsession, Lil Bub. She's one of the cutest kitties in the whole world, and she was rescued by her dude in Bloomington, Indiana. She's got some genetic issues (read all about her on her website or her Facebook page), but other than that, she's a perfectly normal, happy kitty cat! Just don't tell my own cat that I check her page at least once a day...he'll get jealous.

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