Thursday, July 7, 2011

WOW! famous..... sort of..... well, not really, but still very cool

Hello all! Sorry I've been offline lately; it's Summer Reading season at the library, so yours truly has been a very busy book lady. Lots of programs, and sadly, lots of drama in my little library system - big budget cuts were made so hours will be cut back, staff shifted to different branches, etc. It's left me a sad girl, not to mention a not-very-highly-motivated-to-blog kinda Bookbabe. I promise I'll pull myself out of my funk and get the reviews rolling again!

In the meantime, I did want to share this with you, my readers. A good friend of mine who writes "clean" reads for Astraea Press asked me to contribute to her new feature, Readers' Corner, by answering a few questions. And today, there I am! I have to admit, I did a fairly decent job at explaining the "book blogging" concept, why I do it, what I enjoy reading, etc. I must admit to doing a bit of the Happy Dance at seeing it there on the screen - fame! Well, OK, not really - but still, someone else asked me to do something that is now online! How cool is that?

And yes, I am reading one of her books, and yes, I am loving it so far. Which is a fabulous thing..... I have to admit that I was worried I might not like it, and then what would I do? Check out my 15 seconds at the link!

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