Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Curing the Blues with a New Pair of Shoes" by Dixie Cash

No holiday in tiny Salt Lick, Texas, is more revered than January 8th - Elvis's birthday! To commemorate the grand occasion, Hogg's Drive-In - where the King enjoyed many a burger on the road to fame and fortune - is displaying an "actual" pair of Elvis's blue suede shoes. That is, until some heel without a soul swipes them right out of their display case. Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins-Martin - the shoe-loving Domestic Equalizers - are shocked that someone would perpetrate such a dastardly crime. So the plucky detecting duo agrees to help the town's inept sheriff track down the royal blue loafers. And being majestic multitaskers, the ladies might even be able to squeeze in some matchmaking as well. Mix-ups, mayhem, the threat of gunplay, and shocking octogenarian secrets revealed - it's all in a day's work for the Domestic Equalizers, the two best friends whose motto is: Don't get mad...get evidence!

"Dixie Cash" is actually the writing team of sisters Pam Cumbie and Jeffery McClanahan (yes, you read that right, her name is Jeffery!). They started out a few years back and I've enjoyed all their books, so when I saw they had this one out, I knew I had to pick it up. Before you start any of their Domestic Equalizer series, be warned - these are NOT high-brow literature. If you enjoy a cute, quick, slightly romantic read, however, they'll be right up your alley.

The "case" this time is a bit on the thin side, though, barely taking up any time. Debbie Sue and Edwina are rather more involved in setting up two reporters who have hit town for the Elvis festivities. Young Avery Deaton is looking to move into more serious reporting, and she's hoping this Elvis gig will be her ticket to the big leagues. Sam Carter, a rookie sports reporter (but a seasoned veteran from another market in another state), has also been assigned to Salt Lick; he's hoping to get a killer story out of Caleb Crawford's family (Caleb being a football wunderkind). As soon as the Domestic Duo meet both of these journalists, they just know they have to hook them up.

The book is cute as usual, and the sisters certainly have a flair for capturing all thing Texan. The romance moves along nicely, although it is pretty cliche. Perhaps my biggest complaint about this entry is the lack of the significant others: Buddy Overstreet, Debbie Sue's hubby, isn't seen at all, only making the occasional phone appearance (he's on a case for the Texas Rangers). And Edwina's hubby isn't seen much either. Their absence is a real loss because while the crazy investigators are fun together doing their thing, they really shine in the presence of their men. Hopefully D.C. will "fix" this oversight in their next book.

Good fun fairly clean reading, nothing too taxing - a definite hammock or beach-side book!

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