Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"When a Man Loves a Weapon" by Toni McGee Causey

"Living single in her trailer was great for a time. But now Bobbie Faye's officially engaged to, and has purchased a home with, the hottest FBI agent on the beat: Trevor Cormier. Even though she still has no idea what he really does on the job, Bobbie Faye has never been happier...until Trevor gets called away on an urgent assignment and leaves her in the care of bodyguard-slash-babysitter Riles. As it turns out, Bobbie Faye could use a little extra security. The man she helped put behind bars, the murderous Sean MacGreggor, has escaped from prison and is dead-set on revenge. With still no word from Trevor - who was only supposed to be gone for three days - Bobbie Faye finds herself reluctantly turning to her detective ex-boyfriend Cam for help. He's willing to do whatever it takes to protect Bobbie long as Trevor stays out of the picture. For good."

Yep, the one-woman disaster known as Bobbie Faye Sumrall is back, and the third time is a charm. Well, not for those around her, and certainly not for the state of Louisiana, but for readers, most definitely. It's the usual antics from BFS - explosions, misunderstandings, cussing, and, thanks to her good friend and employer Ce Ce, voodoo. Her family makes an appearance, too, including her Aunt V'rai, the one who has the visions of Bobbie Faye's doom. And yes, there are the two men in her life: her hotter-than-hot fiance, Trevor, and her still hot but ex-boyfriend, Cam. The tension between those two guys is ever-present, as they accuse each other of putting Bobbie Faye in danger, etc.

Trevor's disappearance puts the whole story into motion, but really, it's a story about revenge. Sean MacGreggor wants revenge against Trevor, and he's going to use Bobbie Faye to get it. He's also a bit smitten with out hapless wonder, but still going to go after her since she's what Trevor loves most. More interestingly, Sean is using another man to build some bombs, a man who is also seeking revenge. But this man has a very good reason - his wife was killed in a "one-person accident" not long after she threatened to blow the whistle on a company rampant with safety violations. This man has been grieving for several years, and he's not only looking for revenge on the company, he wants everyone to remember his wife (her friends don't talk to him much anymore, and his own family rarely asks about how he's doing, either). He's got a very grand plan, one that will guarantee his wife will never be forgotten; he knows he'll be caught, since he left little fingerprints and clues all along the way. That's OK, though, as he doesn't plan on being alive when it's all over. This is what really kept me interested in this story, this subplot. And when the reveal is made as to who exactly this man is - WOW! I was caught totally off guard. Great writing on that front.

As for the rest of the book, it's the usual fare from TMC. She's sort of got the Evanovich thing going, especially this time around with Riles, the baby-sitter. He and Bobbie Faye constantly go at each other, which is alternately cute and annoying. I think my biggest problem with TCM's books are that they are a bit too long, and definitely too heavy on the italics to indicate everything from sarcasm to personal thoughts. Feels a bit too much, you know? Overall, I did probably like this one as much as the other two. If there's a fourth book, I'll probably read it, too. But I don't know - this feels like it's wrapped up pretty well. Sure there's the very slight chance that Cam has given up on getting his ex back, but I think Bobbie Faye's mind is very much made up, a done deal. And that - well, that I liked very much!
PS - if you're buying these books online, BE CAREFUL! The publisher or someone took the first two titles, which were originally released as trade paperbacks (those are the bigger, more "book"-like soft cover books) and re-released them as mass-market paperbacks (those are the ones that fit in your hand, or a purse!) UNDER DIFFERENT TITLES. It can be confusing, so read all the print very carefully, OK?

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