Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Cry Wolf" by Patricia Briggs

"Cry Wolf" starts a new series by Briggs. Except that the characters aren't new if you read the author's story "Alpha and Omega" in the collection "On the Prowl". That introduced Anna, the Omega who had thought she was a submissive in her Chicago pack. It also gave us a bit of insight into Charles, one of the Marrok's sons (we know Samuel much better since he's been in the Mercy Thompson books).

This book picks up almost exactly where the short story left off. Charles has killed Leo, the Alpha of the Chicago pack, as well as Leo's insane mate. He's told Anna that she's pretty much his mate and that they're going back to his father's pack. Of course, this being a Briggs book, the romance part will have to wait for a bit; there's trouble at home almost as soon as they get there. In fact, rather than drive back, Anna, Charles, and his father all fly home. Seems there's something killing hikers out in the woods, something that looks a lot like a rogue wolf.

If you've read any of the Mercy Thompson books by Briggs, you'll love this book. Interestingly enough, it's a bit out of place on the timeline - Samuel is getting ready to go live with Mercy when this book opens, something we already know all about. Call it a bit of prequel to the other series, except that it's not really that, either. It would easily stand on it's own without having read any of the Mercy books; it nicely compliments the Mercy books, too. I liked the character development, and it gave me a bit more insight into how the pack works. (Mercy isn't really part of a pack, being a shape-shifter rather than a were. Read her series, you'll see what I mean, and darn it, they're good, too!)

I hope that Briggs writes more about Anna and Charles. I think there are interesting dynamics there, as well as in the Marrok's pack. Actually, I'd love to read about the Marrok and his original mate, Blue Jay Woman. Now there's a story waiting to be told...

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