Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Because Your Vampire Said So" by Michele Bardsley

This is the third book in the Broken Heart, Oklahoma series by the author. I've read all three books now, and each time I get one, I tend to set it aside while I read my "main" reading. For some weird reason, I always feel like "oh, I don't really want to read that - it's too cute". Well, duh! Once I do pick it up and start, I remember that's exactly why I read this series - it's cute. I call books like this the equivalent of popcorn - you're not reading it because it's good for you!

This time we learn about Patsy, the white-trash-beautician-turned-vampire; she still works at her salon (but only at night) and lives out back in her trailer. She has a teenage son who is full of angst, and she just happens to see ghosts. Two of them just will not leave her alone, either, but then again, one of them is her own grandma. The other, Dottie, is a chain-smoking smart-aleck, and they provide a lot of the humor in the book.

Of course, what is a good romance without some sort of peril? Enter werewolf Gabriel, who will protect Patsy, even though he's not the muscle that the Consortium had originally arranged. Who's the Consortium? Sigh. Well, that's probably the dullest part of the book - just call it vamp politics and you'll get the drift. I don't read these books for that part of the story - I read them for the cute factor and the usually fairly hot romance between the lead characters! I thought Gabriel and Patsy made a good couple - eventually. There's the typical happy ending which I totally expect out of books like this.

If you want a light, cute read, pick up this series. If you're looking for stronger stuff, well, read the blog - there's plenty of reviews to choose from!

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