Friday, October 12, 2007

"Thursday Next: First Among Sequels" by Jasper Fforde

If you have ever found yourself reading a book and wishing you could meet one of the characters, then the Thursday Next series by Fforde is your kind of book. It's a crazy alternative world where literary characters literally jump from book to book and into the "Outworld" (the "real" world) with the greatest of ease. There's a Well of Lost Plots to be mined for material, the Cheshire Cat holds a very important job, and an army of Danverclones are on the move, ready to suppress any dissent. A most extraordinary place, indeed!

"The Eyre Affair" is the book that started it all, and I highly recommend reading it (as well as the others in the series). The works build on themselves, although this entry is late enough in the game and has enough expository in it to pick it up by itself. I was thrilled to hang out with Thursday again, all three of her this time! Yes, our beloved Thursday has to take on Thursday5 as a Jurisfiction trainee, as well as Thursday1-4, another trainee who no one likes (her books were all full of sex and violence, while 5's were very flower-child-like. Guess which books were more popular?)

It's way too complicated to explain the plot here. What I will tell you is that these books require a very open mind. You should find them in Science Fiction, possibly Fantasy, and for good reason. Again, Thursday regularly enters the Book World and mingles with literary characters, who act like real people. It can be a bit confusing at times, but Fforde's writing is fabulous - sharp, very witty, and very, very funny. Where else can you read about characters like Jack Schitt and his wife, Anne Wirthlass-Schitt? See what I mean? FABULOUS!

Fall into these great books today!

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