Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"D*U*C*K" by Poppy Z. Brite

Rickey and G-man are back in this all-too-short novella. Things are the usual at their restaurant, Liquor, with the cooking references coming fast and furious. That is, until Rickey is assaulted while taking out the trash. Feeling he needs to be distracted, he considers an offer to cater a dinner for the South Louisiana branch of a hunting/conservation group called Ducks Unlimited. (If you've been keeping up with the series, you know that Rickey is pretty much the king of "novelty menus" - that is, keeping one main ingredient in each and every dish). Rickey has pretty much sworn off these sorts of invitations but this one is different; the special guest of the evening is none other than his childhood sports hero, former New Orleans Saints QB Bobby Hebert.

Knowing that Rickey has had a crush on Bobby for just about forever, G-man encourages him to take the gig. Only problem being that these chefs have never encountered these ducks before - WILD ducks. Of course! There are several comedies of errors and Rickey, as usual, has one of his near-nervous breakdowns before the big meal. Will they pull it off? Will he look like a fool in front of Bobby? Do ducks fly? Sorry, couldn't resist!

As I said in the beginning, the biggest beef I have with this book is that it's too short! I truly enjoy the Rickey and G-man series just as much or maybe even more than Brite's early works. (Sadly, she does not enjoy talking about those early books, it seems. Then again, if I had people who only wanted to talk about my early years, I'd probably get sick of that subject, too!) Be warned, though - these entries are more like entrees, guaranteed to have your mouth watering.

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